Want to go from "wishing" "hoping" and "seasons" to be able to choose how many clients you want and know exactly what a new booking will cost you?


From unknown to potential client

Sales through word of mouth are great, but it's not consistent or scalable, in other words, you never know where your next booking is coming from.
You should be visible at all times, but for many "visibility" is just a uncessecary cost, we will show you how you can make great profits by being visible 24/7 and to make all marketing efforts measurable

From potential client to booked appointment

We show you in detail the exact system we have used to generate over 5000+ customers and what have consistently been improved.
It is important to get attention, but much more important is the strategy to convert that attention into bookings for your clinic


Who is this for?

▶ You are a business owner who has tried paid marketing with poor results, you are scared to use too much money with no experts who can promise you returns. You understand that getting weekly feedback on what you do reduce the "gambling factor" of running paid advertising

▶ You have based your whole business on "word of mouth" marketing and understand that the effect has dropped significantly over time. You a system you can influence and control instead of leaving the growth of your business up to random factors like "luck, hope and maybe"

▶ You want more insight and control on how each and every marketing effort affects your bottom line, and how you can make strategic choices based on the long term and short term gain.

▶ You hired an employee to take care of the demand, but are in a situation where you don't have enough customers to fill on their calendar. You know you need help to make sure that they get an opportunity to cover their own salary.

▶ You have a person in your family or friends network who are interested in marketing and know that it would be much cheaper to get them to do it for you, instead of paying an agency. Still, you know that you have to provide them with the best training so you make sure their time is well spent and your investment goes a long way

How does it work?

Our biggest challenge as two consultants talking 1 on 1 with clients was that our days did not have any more hours. We could hire employees but after operating 5 clinics ourself, we knew that added salaries will affect our bottom line and just make it harder for our clients to archive great returns, so we had to make a choice:
1) Hire employees in-house, increase our prices to cover added salaries
This works for bigger clients, but we wanted to help the smallest specifically
or 2) Help more than one clinics at the time
We are passionate to help all companies regardless of size from overprices agencies that deliver results in terms of "views, clicks, comments, and results in the future" and help them implement measurable and profitable marketing.
We know that too many businesses struggle unnecessarily due to a lack of insight, knowledge, and strategy. Helping as many companies to learn this themselves gives them not only an unfair advantage but also confidence to invest in their clinic.
That is why we started to teach our "secrets" to multiple businesses at the same time, doing this also gives you as a business owner a much cheaper and non-commitment option to a digital agency.

What is included in the membership?

  • LIVE help, each week

    Every week you will be able to join a live webinar where you can get feedback on your marketing, and concrete action steps on how to solve/improve your challenges. Can't attend live? Send in your questions beforehand, and we will make the recordings available the day after.

  • Sharing of real implementations

    We run multiple brick and mortar business ourselves, that makes sure that we are not teaching based on marketing experience only, but as a business owner with an understanding of how the marketing affects all the parts of your business.

  • Sheat sheet, protocols and workbooks

    The easiest part of implementation is to use "rule of thumbs" proven formulas and making them your own, download PDF and customize them to your business

  • Videocourse 

    We have laid out all our secrets in a video course, but from experience, information is worthless without implementation, that is why we focus on live interactive meetings between our courses.

BONUSES INCLUDED (worth $300/month)

Testimonials on autopilot

The single most important metric to watch except from "cost of client" / "value of client" is the positive feedback from your customers. We include the professional plan of https://endorsal.io/pricing

100% overview, on all your marketing efforts

The best tool to make sure you track all your marketing efforts and compare the long term and short term effect, as a member of 10x web you will get the 99$/m included, read more at https://funnelytics.io/#pricing

Let artificial intelligence administrate your advertising 

It is hard to know what to do when, this tool will give you a couple of choices on how to optimize your ads based on trends, data collection, and predictive patterns. This software cost 99$/m and are included at no extra cost, read more on captaingrowth.ai